Our team of professionals will enable the safest and most effective treatment in the fight against cancer. Let us be your support and create a new world of hope, faith and love for a life together.







“Acibadem Sistina” Hospital has a highly professional team of experts with years of experience in all areas of medicine. The top medical equipment provides additional security and confidence to our patients, whose number increases every day.

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The rate of success in treating cancer is improved by Councils comprised of department specialists dealing with the treatment of cancer patients.

What is the function of the Tumor Councils?

In recent years, the “council” implementation became widespread on diseases concerning more than one department. The treatment of cancer also requires doctors from more than one branch; Tumor Councils help meet this need. During meetings held under the name of Tumor Council, specialists from departments dealing with cancer patients gather and reach decisions regarding the current situation and the future treatment of the patients. The discussion of the diseases in the Tumor Council consists of determining the ideal approach for the treatment of the patients. The fact that the patient is discussed in the council plays a crucial role in the access to current information by the treatment team as well as in the handling of the disease with all the details and in the communication and education of each other.

What kind of advantages do Tumor Councils offer patients?

Tumor Councils provide important advantages for the patients. Thanks to the Council, patients don’t need to visit specialists one by one; all aspects of the disease are researched, evaluated and concluded. In this way, the patients feel more secure.

How do Tumor Councils work in Acibadem Hospitals?

In Acibadem Cancer Centers, the diagnosis and treatment planning are secured with the Councils. The patient is examined from every angle and thus, the most efficient solutions are obtained for the cancer treatment. Firstly, a preliminary preparation regarding the cases that will be submitted is carried out and then the doctors who may be related to the cases are invited to the Council. In addition to the mutual exchange of current information and experiences, by gathering all oncology experts, the Councils also meets a social need. The most important thing is that the co-decision process provides the distribution of responsibility. Tumor Councils increase the treatment success rate by approaching to the cancer treatment with a multidisciplinary understanding.



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