Our team of professionals will enable the safest and most effective treatment in the fight against cancer. Let us be your support and create a new world of hope, faith and love for a life together.







“Acibadem Sistina” Hospital has a highly professional team of experts with years of experience in all areas of medicine. The top medical equipment provides additional security and confidence to our patients, whose number increases every day.

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The science of oncology has a multidisciplinary structure and involves many branches of science. Therefore, the treatment and follow-up of cancer must, without a doubt, be undertaken with the multidisciplinary method; that is to say, with the collaboration of related branches.

Why is the multidisciplinary approach important?

The most effective solutions in the treatment of cancer are obtained under a multidisciplinary approach because oncology is an area that requires the collaboration and codecision of many branches of science. The consultation of physicians in different branches is extremely important in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and requires close teamwork. In multidisciplinary structures, specialists in different branches come together, reach a joint decision and share the responsibility. As a result, centers working under a multidisciplinary structure obtain more successful results in the treatment and follow-up of cancer that is in the field of oncology.



The Multidisciplinary approach in Acibadem Hospitals

The diagnosis and treatment of all cancers is evaluated under  multidisciplinary approach in Acibadem Cancer Centers. The services offered in the centers include scanning programs for the early diagnosis of cancer, identifying people who are healthy but at risk of cancer and informing these people and their relatives about cancer prevention. The treatment of all kinds of chemotherapy and biotherapy is carried out by specially-trained and experienced oncology nurses who are knowledgeable on the psychological and physical needs of cancer patients, and are supervised by specialist physicians.


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