CLINAC Accelerator

Advanced technological devices which are used for cancer treatment in modern medicine, can significantly reduce the treatment time and thus improve the quality of life of patients. Also, certain malignant diseases can be completely cured.

What is CLINAC?

Clinac is an accelerator that is used in radiation therapy for various types of cancer. This device efficiently and immediately provides an exact dosage of radiation therapy directly to the cancer mass. Radiation therapy performed by this accelerator destroys the cancer cells by protecting the surrounding healthy tissue. This is carried out by carefully chosen treatment plan selected by several specialists.

The radiation treatment CLINAC can be implemented on the following tumors:

This technology is used for treatment of all types of tumors,which have indications for radiation treatment.

  1. Head and neck tumors
  2. Brain tumors
  3. Lung tumors
  4. Breast tumors
  5. Prostate tumors
  6. Bladder tumors
  7. Uterine tumors
  8. Gastric tumors
  9. Rectum tumors
  10.  Soft tissue tumors 


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