Interview with Görkem Güngör, medical and nuclear physicist from “Acibadem”

The TRILOGY accelerator is the most powerful ally in the fight against cancer

Patients with malignant diseases in the country and the region are privileged since Acibadem Sistina Hospital has opened the Center for Radiotherapy which disposes of Trilogy. Without doubt, this powerful accelerator is the best choice for radiation treatment worldwide. Görkem Güngör, who is working with the Trilogy accelerator for more than 8 years, highlighted the main reasons why this machine has brought revolution in radiotherapy.

“The TRILOGY accelerator is one of the latest generations of linear accelerators in the world that can treat all types of cancer. One of the biggest challenges in radiotherapy is to have a machine that can simultaneously treat low volume tumors and larger tumors. This is possible with Trilogy. Lesions with diameter of 1 cm as well as tumors with the size of 40 cm can be precisely treated with this accelerator. These advantages and many others are the result of the three techniques that the accelerator has (IMRT, IGRT and SRT / SRC). One of the main advantages of the Trilogy devise is the possibility for IGRT, i.e. possibility to monitor the radiation treatment via images. With its application, at the same moment we have a response whether everything is fine during the radiation treatment, whether everything is going according to plan, whether the radiation treatment is directly targeted to the tumor ... This advantage means a lot regarding the overall treatment of the patient. It reduces the treatment time and results in effective treatment which is completely focused on the lesion, while the surrounding tissue remains healthy.”

Radiation therapy without IGRT technique is like driving with your eyes closed

“Most of the linear accelerators don’t have the opportunity for IGRT. My experience so far shows that radiotherapy implementation without having IGRT is like driving with your eyes closed. You start to drive, but don’t know where you are going and where you will end up. Another technique that Trilogy has is IMRT, which allows distribution of high radiation dose which is maximally adjusted to the tumor. Lesions with complex form, i.e. with irregular dimensions are treated with this technique. The advantage of SRT / SRC radiation therapy is the possibility for treatment of small lesions, in which precise rays are used that reach the smallest tumors.

Therefore, I can say that the Center for Radiotherapy which disposes of Trilogy is able to treat all types of cancer. Macedonians have the privilege and luck that such center exists in their country. Also, the TRILOGY devise is the only one in the region that includes three different methods and techniques for radiation therapy.” says Görkem.

Görkem has been working in the field of radiotherapy in eminent medical centers in Europe and the Middle East for more than 10 years. He has conducted over 25,000 radiation treatments. His experience shows that with the arrival of the Trilogy accelerator the quality and accuracy of the radiation treatment is raised to the highest level.

“One of the main things that the patients receive with the accelerator is a significantly shorter radiation treatment. The treatment lasts up to 2 minutes and together with the preparation of the patient the treatment lasts only 30 minutes. The second important thing is the treatment precision that is guaranteed with the IGRT technique. This technique is of particular importance for patients who have lesions on the lungs, that move during the treatment as a result of the patient's breathing. With simultaneous CT imaging, we can follow and see the movement and accordingly to this to respond and to focus the radiation treatment at the site of the lesion. The patient receives a safe treatment, while the surrounding tissue is maximally protected.”

As a physicist who follows the latest developments in radiotherapy in the world, Görkem says that evolution always goes one step further and aims to provide the best treatment for the patient. His work requires that he is constantly updated with the latest advances in radiotherapy. This renowned medical physicist will be part of the lecturers of the 12th International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society (ISRS) congress that will be held in June.

“Evolution always goes one step ahead and always aims to provide the best treatment for the patient. One of the latest techniques which makes paradigmatic changes in radiotherapy is called FFF (Flattening filter free), but the Rapidarc devise in which the most advanced technology is embedded is also of great importance in radiotherapy.

The purpose of the latest advances in radiation therapy is to have the opportunity to make a good and precise plan that will provide the best possible treatment for a short time, which means the best lesion coverage and the lowest radiation to the healthy tissue. This is possible with the Trilogy accelerator at Acibadem Sistina Hospital.

Görkem together with his colleague Bülent Yapıcı, medical physicists from the Health Group “Acibadem” visited the Center for Oncology and Radiation Therapy in Acibadem Sistina. The purpose of their visit is education and exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of radiotherapy.


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