Exercise reduces the risk of relapse in patients with breast cancer

Regular exercise reduces the adverse effects of treatment, such as fatigue and depression and reduces the risk of recurrence of the disease. Many scientific studies show that patients diagnosed and treated from cancer, should exercise 150 minutes of moderate exercises, stretching exercises or 75 minutes of intense physical activity every week.


Physical activity and moderate exercises have a significant role in improving the quality of patients who defeated breast cancer. The exercises reduce the levels of insulin and IGF -1, whose elevated levels are associated with the risk of breast cancer. Another positive side of practicing exercises after the treatment of breast cancer proven with scientific research, is the fact that women who exercise are more likely to recover their normal weight and reduce fat. Obesity is considered a risk factor for recurrence of breast cancer. An important benefit of exercising in the fight against breast cancer is the fact that it reduces joint pain,which can be a result of hormone therapy that certain women take after breast surgery, in order to reduce the chances of recurrence. Many womentend to stop this therapybecause of the pain in the joints.

The imposition of such a way of life in patients who defeated breast cancer is a good chance to reduce the risk of recurrence of the disease.


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