Prevent kidney cancer with regular visits to the urologist

The kidneys are susceptible to malignant diseases like all organs in the body. Studies show that the number of patients who are diagnosed with kidney cancer is growing. According to the statistics it occurs in 3 to 5 patients per 100,000. In Macedonia 80 to 100 new cases are revealed each year. This type of cancer usually occurs in older persons and is more common in men. There are two types of kidney cancers - one attacks the renal cortex and the other attacks the core of the kidney, drainage ducts, renal pelvis and urethras. Prof. Dr. Ljupco Lekovski, who is a specialist in Urology at Acibadem Sistina Hospital, answers all your questions about how the diagnosis is set and how the treatment is like.

Which are the symptoms?

Symptoms are usually quiet and unnoticeable. It is therefore very important that people over 50 make a visit to the urologist once a year. One of the symptoms that can occur is blood in the urine, which is a signal that something is wrong with your kidneys. Dull and indefinite pain may occur after the blood in urine. Diagnosis of kidney cancer can be set after a CT is done. If you have any of these symptoms immediately contact a urologist and based the findings he will determine whether he will be able to do a surgical intervention, which technique of intervention will be done and how it will affect the general health of the patient.

How can I detect kidney cancer on time?

Ultrasonography examination is a very effective and available examination for early detection of kidney tumors. Many doctors advice that you do preventive examination of the kidneys in good health because the earlier you detect this type of cancer the earlier it’s treated. If diagnosed in more advanced stages, then the treatment process must include a team of oncologists plus the urologist. Despite the ultrasound, it is necessary that laboratory examinations of blood and urine, CT and MRI are done.


You can decide on the best treatment option together with your doctor, which depends on many factors such as general health, type, stage and progression of the disease. Surgical intervention is the initial treatment that is applied, but a combination of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy can be also done. Since the kidneys are paired organs, if the other kidney is fine it can be completely removed without compromising the overall health. The multidisciplinary approach is used in many cases of patient treatment. After the kidney cancer treatment finishes, the patient must do regular follow ups.


Quit smoking, maintain a normal weight, be physically active, regularly control your blood pressure and annually visit an urologist.


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