Anger and cancer

Most often this emotion occurs because people at this point feel that they must stop with their usual way of living and get used to the new situation.

Anger and rage are common feelings people feel when they are diagnosed with cancer. Although rage is the first emotional reaction, anger can develop during treatment. Most often this emotion occurs because people at this point feel that they must stop with their usual way of living and get used to the new situation. Others feel angry because they are concerned how their family members will react to the diagnosis. Many people wonder, "Why me?".  Sometimes the side effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, such as sleep problems, fatigue, pain, nausea, hair loss, can make the patients who are optimists become nervous, disappointed or irritated. Dr. Vladimir Ortakov, a neuropsychiatrist, explains that many people living with cancer feel guilty and angry and do not know what to do in order to express their feelings. As a result, people can fall into depression and try to neutralize their anger with alcohol or drugs.

Dealing with rage

The best way to deal with rage is to identifyit and find a healthy way to express it. Dr. Ortakov gives advices how to cope with your overwhelming feelings of anger:

Admit your anger - Accept that you are angry and enraged about the condition and try to change yourself. Hope and positive energy are the ones that will help you to go through the process of healing. Showing your emotions is simpler than hiding them.

Do not overthrow your anger on to your close ones - Patients with cancer often focus too much on their illness and do not notice the support of their close relatives, which is  something you need the most in these moments

Do not wear a mask - sometimes it is much easier to share your anger and rage with your close ones instead of putting a mask and acting. Talk to your dear ones, they are here for you,  you can drop a tear in front of them and express your deepest fears. Explain to them that they are loved even when you are angry and furious.

If you properly refine anger, it can happen to be a source of positive energy that will induce you to fight the disease and to change things for the better. Anger about cancer can provide you strength to overcome challenges during the treatment.

• Talk about the reasons for anger and rage

• Do a physical activity at full intensity while you are angry

• Do particular sport in order to waste negative energy

• Go to the nearest forest and shout loudly, or go to a sports game

• Visit a psychiatrist and talk with him about your anger

• Do yoga, listen to music or do art and get rid of your feelings

• Join a support group for cancer patients and share your experience with them


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