Psychological support in cancer

You are not alone in the fight against cancer

The fact that you have cancer affects your perception and changes your life. But that doesn’t mean that you have to cancel your everyday activities.

What is most important? To do the things that make you happy. Many studies show that after cancer diagnosis, people realize how little time they have devoted to things that are essential to them. When you are feelingwell, invite a friend and take a walk, read an inspiring book ...

Psychological support for patients with cancer

Besides the professional medical care that patients receive by specialists, the psychological support is of great importance. The Center for Oncology and Radiotherapy offers the possibility for full psychological and emotional support for to this group of patients. When the only thing you feel is fear and uncertainty, you can always count on our team of experts. You can openly talk about all your fears and difficulties in dealing with the new situation.

At our Cancer Center, you have the opportunity for individual psychological sessions with a clinical psychiatrist and if you prefer,you can be accompanied by your partner or friend during the conversation. Also, we offer psychological support for the family members who are facing the problem of accepting the disease. If you want to talk with other patients who have cancer, if you want to share your and to hear other experiences, there is a possibility of forming working sessions in groups. Our goal is to be your ally in the fight against cancer, to show the world that together we can achieve successful results in the treatment of the disease.

Assistance through professional support

If a cancer patient feels unhappy all of the time, feels intensive averseness and no longer enjoys the same things he or she used to enjoy before, such situation requires attention. Cancer patients who feel unhappy, anxious, pessimistic, hopeless, restless or angry for a long period of time, must receive support from a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Otherwise, a general weariness of life in the patient’s psychology may adversely affect the treatment process. Cancer patients must avoid putting themselves in such a situation. Receiving psychological support whenever necessary prevents the patient from entering such a state of mind. Psychological support may improve patients’ quality of life by easing their fears and anxieties; thus, patients are better able to tackle their illness, and are better protected from suffering a more violent psychological disorder in the future. The mind and the body are in continuous communication. Positive psychology affects the body affirmatively. For instance, if you suffer a headache, you feel this pain more intensely when you feel unhappy than when you are happy. Positive thinking supports our immune system. However, this situation should not be regarded as a case of ‘I should never feel bad; I should not think anything bad’. There are times when anyone may feel down, with or without a reason. No one can be very happy, carefree, cheerful and energetic all of the time. A cancer patient is very likely to feel bad because of the features listed above.It is important however, to make an effort to keep such bad times to a minimum. Unless otherwise directed by the doctor, cancer patients must try their best to live life as they did before and even to introduce new things to their lives if possible. Such changes may be seeing new places, gaining a new hobby or meeting new people. Cancer does not only negatively affect people. While fighting this disorder, cancer patients learn to be stronger, even when they are not aware of it. Even cancer patients who are completely cured may enjoy a higher quality of life and live in a more enriched manner than before for the rest of their lives. 


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