Surgery plays a major role in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Oncological surgical operations must be carried out only by the most specialized surgeons in the field.

Application fields of surgicaltreatment

Curative surgery is also applied within the scope of surgical oncology. However, the preliminary condition for applying curative surgery is that the disorder is limited to the organ or the lymph nodes where it first appeared. In these patients, no remote metastasis should be present and pathologically, no tumors must be present in the cross section obtained through surgical resection. Tumors may be completely removed, provided that their boundaries are well determined. However, there are cases where the tumor cannot be completely removed. In such cases, debulking surgery may be applied to minimize the bulk. Moreover, the removal of a few metastases improves the patient’s chances of a sound recovery. Oncologic surgery may also be applied in palliative (relief) therapy. Applications aimed at relieving symptoms arising from the disorder may also be carried out. Surgical applications may be used  in other fields of diagnosis and treatment.

These fields are  grouped as:

Prophylactic surgery: 

The surgical removal of tissues at risk of becoming malign. Intestinal polyps, skin lesions and breast implants at risk of becoming cancerous may all be cured by prophylactic surgery.


A method defined as the sampling and pathologic evaluation of the specimen taken through a surgical operation performed with several medical tools. Absolute diagnosis can be established by means of a biopsy.


A method known as takingsamples from necessary areas todetermine how widely the disorderhas extended. 


A protective therapyemployed once the stage of thedisorder has been determined.

Aesthetic reconstruction

Patients at Acibadem Sistina Hospital have the opportunity to have aesthetic reconstruction of surgically removed breasts and testicles performed. Breast reconstruction can be performed during the tumor removal surgery, or, alternatively, after the cancer treatment and the following radiation therapy. For many patients who succeeded in fighting breast cancer, breast reconstruction is the right choice. Artificial testicle implantation positively influences the patient's psyche and his overall physical appearance. The implantation can be performed during the testicle removal surgery, or, subsequently, after therapy completion.





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