My life continued without a lump in my breasts

Cancer, a word we fear from for our life. How can you continue living with your head held high, stronger and bolder? From the look on her doctor’s face, the teacher Sadije Tashoshi realized that the accidentally palpated breast node is something more than a normal cyst.”Yes, you have breast cancer” were the words that changed her life. But she bravely accepted the truth, ready to face that little node that threatened her life.

“When they told me the diagnosis I was calm. I didn’t allow them to see that I was scared. My daughter, who is a doctor, was with me. The doctor was surprised of my calmness” says Salije.
After facing the truth, she started searching to whom to entrust her health and life.
“My daughter consulted on where to continue my treatment and where to perform my intervention. As a doctor, she advised me to come to Acibadem Sistina Hospital, where she gave birth to her two beautiful children. I liked the hospital and decided to come here. From my sister-in-law’s daughter who lives in Macedonia, we heard amazing and laudable words for Dr. Mitko Karagjozov” explains Sadije.
On the first examination, Dr. Karagjozov suggested a surgical intervention. Due to the severity of the disease, it needed to be done the following day. But since Sadije is professor, she decided to finish the school related activities first and then on 10 June she came for the intervention.
“Dr. Karagjozov gave me faith and comfort that everything will be all right. He kept his promise. Two years after the treatment, I am the same person, a mom, a grandmother and a loving wife, but without a lump in my breasts” says Sadije.
Two years after the surgery, Sadije functions normally and performs her everyday activities as before. New moments in her life are the regular follow ups she does on 6 months at Dr. Karagjozov. Despite the follow ups, she takes care of what she eats and regularly walks outdoors.
“My advice is that every woman should regularly do examinations. I didn’t do examinations until the lump appeared because I was feeling good. Women over the age 55 should especially be careful, although many young women are also diagnosed with breast cancer. You need to make regular ultrasound and mammography examinations to outsmart the disease. Don’t give up, even if the doctors give you the worst diagnosis. If you give up, the things will start to go bad. You need to overcome everything that comes in your way.” explains the teacher Sadije.



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