Mare, 41 years old, Republic of Macedonia

For most patients, sharing their experience of the fight against cancer is difficult since it means reliving their dreadful memories. By sharing my experience and by telling you my life story I would like to give strength and courage to you and to your loved ones so that you continue the fight against cancer. My difficult journey started back in 2006. I searched for salvation for 6 years. My diagnosis was paresis of the left facial nerve faciales. My everyday life was moving from on clinic to another, numerous consultations with doctors and a handful of wrong therapy. My health worsened, I was disappointed and as time was passing, my face became more and more damaged.

When I thought everything around me is gloomy and dark, I found the light at the end of the tunnel at “Acibadem Sistina” Clinical Hospital. My last hope was the examination by Prof. Dr. Jekik. Together with Dr. Milcho Demerdziev they confirmed that I was incorrectly treated all these years. All the necessary tests were performed as well as an MRI and it was confirmed that my paresis was caused by tumor of the nerves 8 and 7, which resulted in complete hearing damage on the left side, an opened left eye and distorted mouth. The same day we met with Professor Dr. Jovica Ugrinovski whose words alleviated our pain. He guaranteed that if the surgery is done sooner I will be alive and well and I will get back to my daily activities. He even told me that the damages I already suffer can be healed.

When I found out the real diagnosis, I didn’t have time to think about fate or disregard, I understood that surgery is the only option to keep me alive. I was often wondeing how it was possible that during all of my examinations nobody noticed the tumor which was growing inside of me for 6 years. I spent this dark period of my life with my husband and my three daughters. We were all shocked, but consoled each other with the thought that my life was in the hands of Professor Dr. Jovica Ugrinovski.

The diagnosis was confirmed on 14.2.2012 and on 23.2.2012 I had the surgery. Fortunately, it went well and we were all happy.

One year has passed since this difficult surgery. Now I regularly have control examinations by Prof. Ugrinovski. He encourages me to bear each and every day and with his charisma and his expert advice, reminds me that I am wealthy for having my family, that even in my yard I have a pharmacy of vitamins - fruits and vegetables. That even the flowers that flourish in our home deserve a smile and that our lunch is much wealthier since we have it with all our closest people gathered together...

On 3.1.2013, Professor Dr. Ugrinovski performed another “miracle” - a minor surgery. In my left eyelid, which could not be closed for 6 years, he inserted a plate. The surgery was successful, my eye is functioning normally.

I don’t know if I can find words to express my gratitude to Professor Dr. Jovica Ugrinovski, to the whole team, the whole staff who took care of me 24 hours - the reason why I decided to write this letter.

Also, I would personally want to thank Dr. Liljana Susinova who referred me to the proper doctor. She showed me the way to “Acibadem Sistina” Clinical Hospital and thanks to you, the staff and Dr. Liljana I'm still alive.

A thousand letters are not enough to express my gratitude, but still, THANK YOU! Remember what I learned - you are never alone in the fight against cancer!


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