Dragica N. 53 years

After being diagnosed with brain tumor, I experienced the biggest stress in my life - knowing I have only 10 more days to live. I was paralyzed, lying in bed, without any hope given by doctors. I only had hope that one day a miracle might happen. Neurosurgeon Dr. Jovica Ugrinovski, with its extensive experience and professionalism, proved that miracles exist. A year on after the surgery, I didn’t have any signs of the disease.

It all started when I felt the first symptoms of tingling in the left side of my body. Not knowing what was happening, I immediately went to the doctor where I was diagnosed with poor circulation and neck spikes. I was told that they don’t pose a threat to my life.

Days passed, but the tingling was still present. When I visited the doctor, I was told that the tingling was a result of poor circulation and neck spikes and therapy was necessary. Following my doctor’s recommendation I immediately underwent physical therapy. Instead of improving, my condition increasingly deteriorated. The tingling was becoming more intensive and I gradually began losing the function in my arms and legs. I saw the doctor again who immediately referred me to perform an MRI. The result was a real shock. I never thought that I would face death that soon. From a seemingly transient illness, I was diagnosed with brain tumor. On one hand, this diagnosis meant that I have little time left, but on the other hand, it meant that there was a long struggle against the tumor ahead. At that same time, I began the unpredictable struggle for my life.

I looked for help at many places, but instead of support I only received “red cards” from doctors. All doctors were unanimous that due to its location, the tumor cannot be operated. I lost count of how many doctors I asked for help, urging them to save me, but all of them had the same answer –I should come to terms with everything and prepare for the worst.

My hope - the only thing that guided me throughout this battle, slowly began to fade away. In the last days I was completely paralyzed, I couldn’t walk and wasn’t able to swallow. The final recommendation from the doctors was to receive radiation therapy in Zagreb, Croatia. Finally, there was nothing to do but to live my last ten days. I was immobile. It took two people to carry me to the bathroom. I was just lying in bed praying for salvation. The only thing I wished for was to live and to seek redemption from the hopeless situation I was experiencing.

I came to “Acibadem Sistina” Clinical Hospital on the recommendation of some friends. My entire body was paralyzed, I couldn’t move. My son and my husband carried me. I had facial paralysis and I couldn’t speak. My tumor was bigger than a human finger and was localized in the brain stem, which is a “bridge”, a link between the spinal cord and the cerebrum. The only salvation was a neurosurgical operation. The next day I had surgery, which was successfully performed. The tumor was removed. After five days at “Acibadem Sistina” Hospital I went back home.

I was immobile but doctor Ugrinovski brought me back to life. Not only had he save my life, but he made it possible for me to live a normal life. The only benefit from the disease was that at the moments when I was facing death, I realized that life is worth living. Stronger than ever before, I walk through life alone. A year on after the surgery I don’t have any sign of the disease. My fight with this disease remained a bad memory from the past.

I stayed at “Acibadem Sistina” for only five days. The short stay in the hospital was still long enough to experience the ultimate medical care from the professional team of doctors, nurses and paramedics. The dedication and professionalism of doctor Ugrinovski and his team helped me win “the fight against the tumor”. For each day spent with my family, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, my happiness is endless.


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