TRILOGY -  A revolution in cancer treatment

TRILOGY is a sophisticated linear accelerator which offers precise and efficient radiation therapy in the treatment of malignant tumors. This device represents a new era in radiation therapy, especially by using stereotactic therapy and radiosurgery.

TRILOGY is the only device in the region that includes three different methods and techniques for radiation therapy:

IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy): it allows setting the tumor location during treatment. The daily control images show whether the tumor that is being radiated is in the radiated area. The patient is radiated not only prior to, but also during treatment, allowing timely prevention of possible tumor shifting during treatment.

IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy)results in distribution of a high radiation dose which the tumor should receive and is maximally adapted to the tumor, even if its shape is complex, i.e. irregular. This radiation technique enables delivery of the desired dose to the tumor with maximum protection of healthy organs.

SRT / SRC Radiation Therapy: benefits from stereotactic radiation therapy generally apply to small lesions (tumors). The earlier the tumor is revealed, at an early stage, when it is small in size, the higher the chances are that the stereotactic radiation therapy will have greater effects. Precise rays which can reach the smallest tumors are used with the SRT/SRC radiation therapy.

Protection of healthy tissues

With the possibility of using the IMRT technique, the radiation dose is precisely adjusted and directly targeted to the tumor, whereupon the tumor receives a high dose, while the dose to the healthy tissues and organs is maximally reduced. Reducing the dose in healthy tissues and organs is important to protect their function and maintaining the quality of life after the termination of the radiation treatment.

TRILOGY radiation treatment can be implemented on the following tumors:

This technology is used for treatment of all types of tumors,which have indications for radiation treatment.

  1. Head and neck tumors
  2. Brain tumors
  3. Lung tumors
  4. Breast tumors
  5. Prostate tumors
  6. Bladder tumors
  7. Uterine tumors
  8. Gastric tumors
  9. Rectum tumors
  10.  Soft tissue tumors



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