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What are ?

Brain tumors include tumors that occur in the brain , and tumors that occur -
ing in the surrounding tissues and to grow inside the skull . There was no clear information on how to develop brain tumors , unlike some other types of cancer . Only certain that can affect any age group .

What are the symptoms ?

Brain tumors may show common symptoms : severe headaches , nausea and
vomiting that occur as a result of increasing pressure , which is due to the fact they are located inside the skull . Besides these , depending on the affected area of ​​the brain can occur and other symptoms : weakness or tingling in the left or des -
ing half the body improper movement , loss of vision , loss of hearing , loss or impairment of memory , difficulty in speaking or imbalance . In pituitary tumors may arise various hormonal disorders such as irregular menstruation , excessive growth of hands or feet etc. .

What are the methods of diagnosis ?

Modern methods of imaging used in diagnosing brain tumors brain tomography and magnetic resonance imaging . In certain types of brain tumor tomography provides important information . In today's modern medicine , the gold standard in the diagnosis of brain tumors is shooting with magnetic resonance imaging . The method provides detailed information about the structure of the brain, the region where the tumor
is located , the type of tumor in some cases , and provides precise information on how much the brain and nerves are affected by the tumor . Additionally , it can be
need other methods , such as angiography and PET / CT .

How to treat ?

In general, the treatment of brain tumors also apply three separate methods: surgery, drug therapy and radiation therapy . Mainly most utilized method for the treatment of brain tumors is surgery . This method is the first choice because tumors generally push the brain and thus increase intracranial pressure.

Surgery :

In surgery achieves removal of the tumor , relieve brain
nerve , and the possibility of patho - histological examination in order to determine the type of tumor . Xirurshkite interventions recorded significant progress . As an example one can mention the use of the surgical microscope , which has become standard , and IR intraoperativniot a significant contribution to the removal of some tumors . Also , the application of today's modern
Surgery enable a significant reduction in the degree of complications . Now patients can be discharged from the hospital for a much shorter period and to return to their daily activities .

Chemotherapy ( treatment with drugs ) :

The technology in the field of drug therapy has been a significant development. The use of chemotherapy in the treatment of malignant tumors prolongs the life of the patient , and in some cases to completely heal. Treatment with medications can be used with benign tumors of the pituitary gland .

Radiation ( radiotherapy ) :

Radiation therapy that has been used in the treatment of brain tumors seen great technological development. The rapid development of devices and methods for radiotherapy contributes to characterize them with reduced side effects and increased efficiency . As a result of these advantages , rather than classical surgery , most brain tumors are more frequently used radiooperacija with "Gamma Knife".



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